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Highbridge Voices 2011 Benefit Concert

May 31, 2011

Highbridge Voices, a non-profit organization that provides voice and music theory training to students in the Highbridge neighborhood of the Bronx, held its annual benefit concert two weeks ago at the Academy Theater at Lighthouse International in midtown Manhattan. The concert, which showcased performances by both the Concert Choir and Chamber Choir, is the organization’s most important fundraising event of the year, and was a great success.

In addition to music training, Highbridge Voices provides its 110 students with academic tutoring and recreation after school, which I documented this past fall at its facilities in the Bronx. For more information about this important program, visit the Highbridge Voices website!

Highbridge Voices 2011 Benefit Concert

Highbridge Voices

Concert Choir

Highbridge Voices Concert Choir

Chamber Choir

Bronx Highbridge Voices

Highbridge Voices Chamber Choir

Highbridge Voices

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