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Portraits of Sarah P. in Omaha, Nebraska

August 25, 2011

Check out these headshots I took last week of teen model Sarah P. in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska:

New York City headshots

Manhattan headshots

Headshot photographer

New York headshot photographer

Headshot photographer New York City

Manhattan headshot photographer

New York portraiture


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  1. August 25, 2011 3:53 pm

    Lovely shots. Do you think such photo can be taken using a point and shoot?

    • August 25, 2011 11:50 pm

      Thanks! You really need an SLR and a fast lens to get shots like these out of the camera, but you might be able to simulate the shallow depth of field in Photoshop. These photos were taken with a Canon 1Ds Mark II and 85mm f1.2 lens set to f1.6.

      • August 26, 2011 1:21 am

        Thanks for replying. I was going on in a discussion on Flickr where I argued great photos in terms of color quality, depth of field, details and so on cannot be taken with a point-and-shoot. I know one can always get a good composition in a point-and-shoot, but photos like these, not possible (you really need extensive knowledge over photoshop otherwise).

        The others argued that I was wrong. But I know I wasn’t. A point-and-shoot can never replace a DSLR. Otherwise DSLRs would have been gone, right? :D

  2. August 25, 2011 5:22 pm

    Beautiful Lighting .
    Lot of bokah!

    • August 25, 2011 11:51 pm

      With a full frame sensor, fast lens, and reflector on a sunny day, you can’t go wrong :)

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