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Spring in Brooklyn

April 17, 2012

Spring! With temperatures hitting 88 degrees (31 C) yesterday here in New York City, there’s no doubt that the season of short sleeves, blossoming flowers and lively animals is finally here. Spring’s arrival also means that it’s time for me to post the final season of photos I took in 2005-2006 for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, some of which are part of a permanent exhibit, Neighborhood Nature, on display at the 113-year-old museum. To see what these environments looked like at other times of year, check out the summer, fall and winter posts. Enjoy the photos (and the weather)!

Have any interesting spring photos to share? Post links in the comments section below!

Greene Acres Community Garden

Greene Acres Community Garden, Brooklyn

Planting in Brooklyn's Greene Acres Community Garden

Earthworm, Greene Acres Community Garden, New York

Bergen Street Community Garden

Bergen Street Community Garden roses

Flowers in New York's Bergen Street Community Garden

Fly and drops of water, Brooklyn

Plumb Beach

Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

Caterpillars at Plumb Beach

Seashell, Plumb Beach, New York

Horseshoe Crab, Plumb Beach, New York

New York swans

Seagulls at Plumb Beach

Prospect Park

Pond at Prospect Park, New York

New York squirrel

Budding tree branch at Prospect Park, Brooklyn

New spring leaves, New York

The Pond at Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Pond at New York's Prospect Park

Have any interesting spring photos to share? Post links in the comments section below!

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  1. April 17, 2012 11:07 am

    Avi – you really are an artist. Your work is stunning.

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